I’m Ithan, a fashion, wedding, and lifestyle photographer

I pick up my camera to find beauty in the simplest moments

I like to think of myself as more than a guy behind a camera and the reason is simple... I have come to understand that the process of photography begins way before I pick up the camera.

At A-Hurd Pictures, I always challenge the team to not always be in a rush to take a shot but rather to take a moment to notice beyond the usual before looking through the lens.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya and the culture has done a lot in forming my lifestyle photography skill.


Fact 2

My love and value for art in general has made me yearn to share it in my own expression, so portraiture and fashion is like second nature to me.


Fact 3

Just like with my photography, I enjoy the simpler things in life - watching movies, being out and about with friends, good food, and nice views.


Fact 4

I love to work with other artists to create. I do collaborations with others so that I can see other perspectives of story telling that I am blind to.


01 / 03

Helina Muhia

Third time at the studio and as always I enjoyed my time there. The photographers are friendly, made me and my family feel comfortable. My favorite part has to be the quality of the photos and the delivery time.
Thanks Ahurd for capturing special moments in my life!